Tuesday, October 26, 2010

$2/1 California Pizza Kitchen product



When I buy frozen pizza, thin crust isn’t usually what I seek out. I go for Freschetta. Or Digiorno. Especially Digiorno stuffed-crust pizza which NEVER GOES ON SALE. Really, it’s me justifying things, since a big, thick-crust pizza could fill up me and my wife. One of these guys, though, I could polish off by myself.

Nonetheless! This site is letting you print out $2 off 1 California Pizza Kitchen product, which is a good deal. They also sell even smaller Pizza For One (the microwave things) products which should end up being 0.50-1.00 after this coupon. You can print this coupon out twice per computer, and it expires a month after printing, so get to it!


  1. California Pizza Kitchen is my favorite! *_*

  2. This is tangentially-related, but: Groupon SUCKS! I've never heard of paying for coupons before in my life! I had to give my credit card info to purchase a coupon for Tandoori Oven, so I'm SOL if they reject the coupon at the store :/

  3. Frozen pizza brands in the States look amazing!