Saturday, November 20, 2010

Groupon - Save $25 on Great Clothing at Nordstrom Rack


Pretty good Groupon going on for the next day or so. Spend $25, get $50 off your purchase at Nordstrom Rack. Never been to Nordstrom Rack? Why not? Personally, I’m a very casual dresser, so I’m perfectly fine with Old Navy t-shirts and jeans. But I threw down $50 a few months ago on a marked-down pair of designer jeans and I have to say they’re pretty fantastic. Better fit, better look, all that. (PROTIP: If you’ve never owned a ‘good’ pair of jeans before, google how to properly wash them. Many people don’t wash their new jeans for months to keep the bold blue color). And that’s pretty much what “The Rack” is, designer clothing of various types marked down to ridiculous prices. Get yourself some sexy jeans, a nice tie, an awesome winter coat, whatever! They even have a tailor on-site to ensure your new clothing fits you perfectly; I didn’t take advantage of this service when I went, but I’m –pretty- sure they’ll do things like hem a pair of jeans for free. If you have one of these in your area, go check it out (and try some stuff on). Anyway, the Groupon deal is nationwide so just set Groupon to use your closest city and you should see the deal somewhere!

Are you more a fan of American Apparel? Well, lucky you, they’re doing pretty much the same thing!

NOTE: It may not link directly to the Nordstrom Rack deal, but you should see it to the right of the main offer.


  1. Nordstrom always has great stuff :)

  2. Thanks for the head's up, have a Nordstrom's Rack not too far from me.